Hello all and welcome to my gaming blog! I have been thinking about sharing my passion of gaming for a while now and it took one long sleepless night recently to motivate myself to follow my gut. People play games for different reasons; entertainment, learning and social interaction to name a few. I play video games for all those reasons and so much more. Everyone has their own stories for how they first discovered their passion for gaming and here’s mine.

It all started as a 4 year old child on one warm Christmas night in 1997 when my parents decided to buy us a Nintendo 64. I was lucky enough to grow up as the technology boom was starting to ramp up, back then you would get a new operating system for a PC once every few years and mobile phones were scarcely used by many families in Australia. That very same Christmas night, me and my family booted up the Nintendo 64 for the first time on our standard definition box television. I just remember my mind being blown as all the pretty colours came up on the screen and the title screen for Mario Kart said, “Welcome to Mario Kart!” Using two controllers, my sister, father and myself all took turns on grand prix mode. There were many false starts as we would smash into the walls in Luigi Raceway and run into the cars in Toad’s Turnpike but eventually we all started getting used to the controls. Back then, a light switched on in my head that would have an impact on what was to follow. Even as a 4 year old, I wanted to get really good at playing games and master them.


Soon after that I started primary school/elementary school and found that a lot of other children had the Nintendo 64 too and many afternoons playing games followed. As the years went on, other children excelled at sports, I was definitely not one of them, in fact I failed so miserably at sports that I was often on the sidelines, but the one thing I knew I was good at was playing video games and I looked forward to getting home and making progress on them. After many nights of playing several different types of N64 games, I finished a few of them and mastered them. I remember one particular occasion where my cousins and I were all playing Diddy Kong Racing and I was so far ahead that everyone got really frustrated and teamed up to take me down. I had a few friends in primary school but I didn’t quite click with everyone so I used video games as a refuge when things got tough and when I got lonely. By the time I got to high school, I had amassed a massive catalogue of N64 games that was stored lovingly in a cartridge holder and an old business briefcase that my father used to use.


Throughout high school I finally got access to handheld consoles and it was a delight to be able to play games while I was sitting in the car on a long drive somewhere or sitting in my bedroom when my parents didn’t want us to use the family room television to play the N64 on. I was so lucky that my parents were able to buy us new games every now and then. I think my parents thought that we were going to grow out of this that once we got to university things would change so they indulged our hobby. However once I started working and earning my own money that’s when I was able to buy games more frequently and branch out away onto other platforms such as the Playstation 4 and PC. That was when things really changed. I started to become more interested in what made a game good, how games were developed and how it made people feel. Before I had just focussed on playing one game at a time whereas now I had the resources to play several games at a time and have a wide variety of games to play at all times. It started to become a major part of my life and it is always on my mind. Slowly I met other people who also shared the same passion for games and could spend ages talking about what made certain games better than others, some of these people I am glad to call my friends today.

So that is my story of how I discovered my passion for gaming and I look forward to sharing with you my perspective on video games in the form of reviews, general editorial articles, news and more. I hope you all enjoy the content and I look forward to hearing your thoughts on how you all discovered gaming. I will try posting on here once a fortnight for now but I can see myself in the future posting here weekly.

Game on!

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